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I’d like to thank the Academy…

Kudos to Tony Mehner on his overall ability to understand what the user is requesting and walk thru how to do it within Tigerpaw.   Tony’s quick response to user’s questions and knowledge of what the system can and can’t do is astounding!

Tony Mehner is an asset to Tigerpaw’s Team and to all the users that depend on him for his exceptional knowledge of Tigerpaw!

Tony Mehner answered my questions for me perfectly. He is a most excellent representative for TigerPaw. Tony always has the answers!

Thanks so much! LOVE MY TIGERPAW :))

Thank you for yesterday’s webinar.  Tony is always so knowledgeable and helpful.  I also liked yesterday that he was able to pull up Quickbooks and the Mobile interface.  It was great to see all of those pieces working together.  As office personnel, I rarely get to see Tigerpaw the way the tech’s see it.

The biggest differences between Tigerpaw and its competitors has to be the speed of the product and the people. The team from sales to implementation, and all the way through training, was invested in us. They want us to succeed and it really shows.

Tony is my favorite trainer.  His knowledge is amazing.  He always goes to the START and works through to the END on all questions.  He provides details that explain WHAT fields mean, and how they relate to other areas, even which fields are used for reporting.  Very comprehensive.  I can’t thank you enough for providing his expertise.

Your tigers are grrrrrrreat