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Now Available: Version 22.1

Install this release to:

  • Auto create POs from SOs
  • Create POs auto set to drop-ship
  • Mass import related items for multiple price book items
  • Add meters/groups to multiple contract items covered
  • Easily extend Multiple Meters contracts

New Resources

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Service Order Templates & Recurring SOs

Customer Portal: Self-Service and Bill Pay

T023 Managing Multiple Meters Contracts

Tigerpaw Mobile vs. Limited Mobile

Training Tips

Improve efficiency with these tips and tricks:

View the current tabs at next login
Do you want the current tabs to auto display the next time you log into Tigerpaw Desktop? Open your rep record and set "Show on login" to ‘Last Open Tabs’.
Service order templates
If you frequently create service orders with the same settings, parts and/or tasks, service order templates can help you quickly generate new service orders.
Reinstate a voided quote
Have you ever voided a quote and then the customer asks to reinstate it? The Void status is irreversible, but it’s easy enough to duplicate the quote and pick up where you left off. Just select Menu bar – Edit – Duplicate Quote.
Alternate document forms
Did you know Tigerpaw ships with alternate versions of standard forms such as quotes and invoices? For example, if you capture customer signatures with Tigerpaw Mobile or the Customer Portal, you can print the signature on a service order form. Search Help for “alternate reports and document forms” to view a full list of alternate forms.
Recurring service orders
If you provide certain services on a regular basis to an individual account or group of accounts, set up a recurring schedule to auto create the service orders. Recurring service orders save a tremendous amount of time, eliminate repetitive manual entry and ensure no recurring services are missed.
Assemblies and customer assets
If an assembly’s components can be individually serviced, exchanged or refunded, such as an alarm system or PC bundle, select "Add assembly detail ONLY to customer inventory" on the assembly price book item. This setting adds the individual components rather than the assembly to customer assets.
Duplicate a workflow
Need to create multiple similar workflows? Create the first workflow. Then right-click the workflow on Table Maintenance and select Duplicate.
Account groups and contact groups
Use account and contact groups to batch process everyday functions such as creating regular and recurring service orders, generating tasks or scheduling activities.
New employees?
Send them to the "Get Started with Tigerpaw" page for a list of live training sessions and online courses every employee should complete.